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baseball on plateBaseball is considered to be an extremely popular summer sport in Canada. This sport is especially popular among young people and college students. According to the statistics, the number of young people, who take an interest in baseball in Canada, is increasing year after year. Together with ice hockey, basketball, soccer, rugby and many other sports baseball has been included in the list of top 10 most popular sports in Canada.

The country has become popular in the baseball world due to such great teams as Toronto Blue Jays. This team had a huge success during 1990s. Toronto Blue Jays is best known for winning two World Baseball Series in 1992 and 1993. Such great players as Ferguson Jenkins, Larry Walker and others bring fame to Canada as well.

Today, a great number of young people take a deep interest in the spot of baseball in the Mississauga area. The demand creates its own supply. That’s why a lot of baseball clubs have been opened in the area. Have you become interested in baseball in Mississauga? Are you looking for a good baseball club in the area? Here, we are going to review the best baseball clubs and tell you about many good places, where young people can play baseball and improve their game skills in Mississauga.

The Ontario Blue Jays Baseball Club

The Ontario Blue Jays is an amateur baseball club in Mississauga. The main goal of the club is to help young people develop their baseball skills and promote the sport of baseball in the Mississauga area.

The club has created the environment that allows young players master baseball skills and establish successful sport careers. The Ontario Blue Jays participates in tournaments which are organized by Canadian Premier Baseball league (known as the CPBL).

Canadian Premier Baseball league unites the best teams of Ontario and Canada. The CPBL is known as one of the best baseball leagues in the region. Its season begins at the end of April and finishes at the end of June.

The Ontario Blue Jays actively travels in summer. So, during the summer months the club’s teams actively participate in the tournaments and competitions in the United States of America. The club participates in 4 tournaments during July and August months. The teams of the Ontario Blue Jays visit such places as Atlanta, Fort Myers, Memphis, Pensacola, Troy and Waterbury. Without a doubt, participating in summer baseball competitions is very useful for young players and provides them with valuable experience and unforgettable impressions.

The major concerns of the club are health, safety and comfort of its players. That’s why the Ontario Blue Jays provides its players and coaches with all the necessary facilities. The club creates comfortable environment for its members. During summer months, players of the club travel on the modern buses which are equipped with the up-to-date DVD players, iPod connection capabilities and TVs. The Ontario Blue Jays provides its 18 and Under teams with the bus equipped with wireless internet, power outlets and satellite TVs. So, youth can easily connect to the Internet and do their homework during their travel. Also, they don’t need to worry about recharging the batteries of their electronic devices. Obviously, young players are provided with everything that is required for a comfortable and enjoyable travel.

The Ontario Blue Jays is also well-known due to providing its players and coaches with the innovative pre-eminent indoor baseball facility known as “The Clubhouse”. It is perfectly situated in the central part of Mississauga. So, young players can easily access it from any part of the area. The pre-eminent indoor baseball facility of the club provides young players with the perfect opportunity to develop their strength training and baseball specific training skills. The facility is available for each member of the Ontario Blue Jays. So, if you would like to get the access to the pre-eminent indoor baseball facility of the club you need to join the Ontario Blue Jays. “The Clubhouse” works on a regular basis, so members of the club can get the access to its facilities anytime.

The Ontario Blue Jays has perfectly recommended itself for the best Canadian amateur teams. The club’s 18 and Under team deserves the special attention. The team takes part in a Fall Schedule on a regular basis and demonstrates excellent sport results. It is considered to be a serious competitor for many NCAA and NJCAA teams.

Talking about the most important achievements of the club’s 18 and Under team, it is necessary to say that the team has obtained an “International Status”. Both players and coaches worked hard to obtain this status. The “International Status” is definitely a big achievement that allows the team’s players to participate in the United States top collegiate programs.

As you can see, the Ontario Blue Jays provides its members with multiple important competitive advantages. It is definitely one of the best clubs where young people can learn baseball skills and develop their abilities in the Mississauga area. So, each young player who joins the Ontario Blue Jays has a good chance to master baseball skills and establish a successful career.

The Mississauga Southwest Baseball Association

The history of Mississauga Southwest Baseball Association (MSBA) is dating back to 2001. One day two popular Canadian baseball associations the Clarkson-Lorne Park Baseball Association (CLPBA) and the Erin Mills Baseball Association (EMBA) decided to merge and create the new association. It is necessary to say that both these baseball associations had rich and interesting histories. They had a long list of awards and achievements as well. Players of these associations demonstrated excellent sport results and won numerous competitions. MSBA prides itself on having a long list of awards.

Obviously, the popularity of baseball in Mississauga is constantly growing. That’s why the needs of baseball in the area are changing as well. So, two baseball communities decided to unite and work together in a more effective way. The main objective of the merge was to provide the members of communities with much better conditions and promote the sport of baseball in the Mississauga area.

It should be noted that the merging process took a lot of time. Moreover, the representatives of two associations worked hard to unite their cultures, philosophies and programs. However, all efforts were crowned with success in the end. As a result, the new association was finally created in 2001. Mississauga Southwest Baseball Association has managed to unite the most important advantages of CLPBA and EMBA.

Mississauga Southwest Baseball Association provides young people with a wide selection of training programs today. These programs are mainly intended for young players who are between 5 and 21 years old. Special attention should be drawn to the fact that young players of the association constantly demonstrate excellent results and win prizes on various competitions.

Mississauga Southwest Baseball Association regularly organizes meetings for its members during the year. Some members of the associations are coaches who have huge experience in teaching youth baseball skills.

Mississauga Southwest Baseball Association is proud to be one of the best baseball associations in Canada. MSBA has perfectly recommended itself among umpires, coaches, young players and their parents. It goes without saying that Mississauga Southwest Baseball Association makes a huge contribution to the development of baseball in the Mississauga area.

Mississauga Southwest Baseball Association has its goals and a lot of work that needs to be done. Volunteers are always welcome to join the association. So, you can join Mississauga Southwest Baseball Association and become its active member anytime!

Mississauga Majors Baseball Association

Mississauga Majors Baseball Association is mainly focused on T-ball, Rookie Ball, Girl’s Softball, Baseball ‘A’, ‘AA’ and ‘AAA’. The association has several baseball teams. Mississauga Majors Baseball Association is well-known for its highly professional coaching staff. All coaches of the association are dedicated to their business. They love to coach young people the sport of baseball and do their work perfectly. Mississauga Majors Baseball Association also organizes various events and baseball tournaments on a regular basis. Obviously, the association plays a key role in the development of baseball in the Mississauga area.

Ontario Royals Baseball Club

Ontario Royals Baseball Club is the legendary baseball club in the Mississauga area. The club was established in 2003. Initially, the club was known as the Oakville Royals. However, it was re-named into the Ontario Royals in 2014. Ontario Royals Baseball Club quickly developed and gained the popularity. It has an interesting history and great traditions. Ontario Royals Baseball Club has prepared a lot of great baseball players.

The club is especially popular among baseball players of student age. Ontario Royals Baseball Club provides its members with an effective travel baseball program and great personal development opportunities. Ontario Royals Baseball Club is proud to be a member of the Premier Baseball League of Ontario (PBLO). The club provides its members with many important benefits. It has a highly experienced and friendly coaching staff. Coaches of Ontario Royals Baseball Club provide each its baseball player with a development program.

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