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Soccer is one of the most popular sports available for children in Mississauga with a number of different teams all competing against one another in either the rep teams or the house league teams. The house league teams are club competitions where members of the same team are put in even teams based on ability to ensure a close to fair competition as is possible. Whereas the rep team is for the more serious competitors who will be expected to practice for many hours, reach an acceptable standard and produce performances on the pitch against other teams that will give the club they are competing for a good reputation. There are a number of different teams in Mississauga and here are some of the key points that each team has to offer –

Mississauga Soccer Club – With over 4000 registered players, Mississauga Soccer Club is one of the largest in the area and the most recognizable from the name. The club’s main mission statements are to “Practice integrity both on and off the field”, “To be inclusive and ensure respect is provided to all MSC members” and “To train and develop our players both on and off the field”. The club has demonstrated this by providing support to a school and soccer club in Rwanda, where they have provided, kit, equipment and funding to assist their development. The current house leagues began in June and therefore it may not be too late to register your child to ensure they begin to integrate into the teams before the season is over. The club has a handful of rep teams at each age group to allow as many children as possible to play in a rep team and improve their game. This also allows the elite players to play together at the top level while other players get a chance to experience the rep competition and have the potential to break into that A team. If you go to the elite player development tab of their website, you are able to watch interviews with some of their current players who have travelled with the Canadian National Team to Junior World Cup competitions and those who have played professional soccer around the world. The club also hosts an annual tournament which attracts some of the biggest teams in the Ontario and Quebec area. The club begins taking under 5s for those born in 2010 or earlier, both boys and girls and continues all of the way up to u18, u21 and then senior level. For the house league players, fees range from $150-$225 while rep fees are approximately double this amount. The club has many pitches on which games can be played all over the city, but not too far to make travelling a significant problem and are all based around the home of the club on Wolfedale Road. For more information visit their website which can be found at – http://mississaugasoccerclub.com/
orth Mississauga Soccer Club – The NMSC is one of the oldest soccer clubs in the Mississauga area, founded in the early 70s with a focus on developing youth soccer in Mississauga and the surrounding area. The club’s mission statement is “The North Mississauga Soccer Club is dedicated to the development of well-balanced, successful players at both the recreation and competitive level. The Club is committed to the development of its coaches, referees and players, to their fullest potential, through instruction of the tactical, technical, physical and psychological aspects of soccer. The Club will instill sportsmanship while developing a community spirit among all of its members.” The NMSC regularly has players go on to sign US Scholarships to play for universities in the US University League and have recently had success with their players going on to play in leagues in Europe. The club has a special needs program known as Panther Stars allowing players with either mental or physical disabilities to enjoy soccer in a safe and secure environment. The club also offers an all-star program to help bridge the gap between house league and rep players. It has regularly been a problem that those who don’t stand out immediately as having natural talent are subject to playing in the house leagues and struggling to develop while their counterparts are given coaching and extra practice sessions and has the chance to improve playing in a higher quality league with higher quality team mates. The all-star scheme allows interested and willing players the opportunity to improve their game in a tournament focused environment. The players are charged a fee of $55 to cover kit costs, field fees and other admin costs. Fees are from $165-$235 but parents are given an early bird discount of $15 if registered before a certain date. They also offer out of season indoor play at the cost of $60 for 4 sessions. The club has a number of different fields dotted around the city but none are too far to travel to. For more information on the club such as how to register and some of their latest news go to their website at – http://nmsc.net/

Clarkson Soccer Club – Surprisingly, despite there being a North Mississauga Soccer Club, there is no Southern equivalent and the main club to the south of the city is the Clarkson Soccer Club. The club boasts a very strong youth section and undoubtedly its main attraction is its academy. The academy recently secured a visit from the development coaches from the English Premier League side Tottenham Hotspur which has provided those playing there with real motivation to go on and succeed. The academy aims to nurture, the physical, technical, mental and nutritional side to the game of football with the ultimate aim to produce soccer players who can go on and represent teams in major leagues around the world. They have specialist technical and medical staff, which is evidence of how serious they take their junior development. They have rep teams at all age groups and with an equal number of girls rep teams as boys, there is no gender barrier stopping girls from enjoying the beautiful game. The club also has house leagues, similar to most other clubs while the focus for 5-6 year olds is on skill and passing as they play on much smaller pitches with small goals than the other teams. The club also hosts an event known as the Special Olympics where they invite teams of players with disabilities to come and play in a competitive environment, further endorsing the idea that if people want to play then they can. Prices are similar to other teams in the area and the club has a very active YouTube channel where you will be able to see all of the latest developments from the teams including highlights of Tottenham’s visit to Canada. Their website is – http://www.clarksonsoccerclub.com/

Erin Mills Soccer Club – The Erin Mills Soccer Club has over 5000 registered players making in the largest in the Mississauga area which provides soccer facilities for those aged 4 and up. Its mission statement is “To develop, teach and promote Amateur and Professional soccer to all ages, in a safe and healthy environment”. The club aims to promote long term player development rather than focusing on immediate results by developing younger players in a fun environment to get them hooked on the game and then introducing competition in the older age groups. The club has scholarship opportunities for their players who are going to University with a grant of $1000 for their service and dedication to the club. The club boasts a huge wall of fame of players who have gone on to play University soccer in the USA and many who have gone on to play professional soccer in Hungary. The club has an academy that costs $2600 per year but with 3 training sessions, 1 fitness session and 2 matches per week included, it will certainly keep both you and your child busy for 11 months of the year. Prices for their rep teams and house league teams are similar to other teams in the league and their website can be found at – http://erinmillssoccer.com/

The aforementioned 4 soccer teams are 4 of the major teams in the Mississauga area but there are also plenty more, smaller but more local sides not mentioned in this article who may be closer to you and therefore more suited to your needs. What you can see however, is how strong the sport of soccer is in the Mississauga area and how well attended it is by the city’s youth. If you would struggle to pay the fees but believe that your child has some talent, be sure to get in contact with your local team or if they provide no assistance, then any team in the local area. Many of these teams will offer fee reductions or scholarships to ensure your child is not denied the opportunity to play the beautiful game.

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