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Skiing and Snowboarding in Mississauga

Skiing and snowboarding are considered to be very popular sports in Mississauga and Canada. A lot of young people prefer to do skiing and snowboarding in this area. Mississauga offers a wide selection of skiing indoor and outdoor activities to people of different ages. The suburb has become the home for numerous skiing and snowboarding resorts, parks, contests and competitions. Whether you are a beginner or professional skier you will be able to find a lot of good places for doing skiing and snowboarding in Mississauga.

Centennial Park Ski and Snowboard Centre

Are you a beginning skier or snowboarder? Would you like to do skiing or snowboarding with your kids? Obviously, you should visit Centennial Park Ski and Snowboard Centre. Here, you can always see beginners who are just taking their first steps in skiing or snowboarding. The center also provides a wide selection of lessons and training programs for beginners, kids of different ages and youth.

The North York Alpine Racing Club

The North York Alpine Racing Club is an ideal place for youth and experienced skiers. The center offers ski racing programs for young people who are between 7 and 18 years old. The club provides young skiers with an effective training. So, they have a splendid opportunity to improve their skiing skills.

The North York Alpine Racing Club provides skiers with a convenient location, highly professional coaches, effective training programs and many other important competitive advantages. Young racers who visit the club regularly usually improve their skills and demonstrate excellent ski racing results.

The club’s training program includes both dryland and on-snow training lessons. A dryland training program lasts for 7 weeks and on-snow training program lasts for 8 weeks. The North York Alpine Racing Club gives young skiers a chance to participate in ski racing competitions which are organized by the club during January and February months. Special attention should be drawn to the fact that even skiers who don’t have previous racing experience can also participate in these great sport events.

Alpine Indoor Ski and Snowboard Training Center

Alpine Indoor Ski and Snowboard Training Center is the place where youth can enjoy both skiing and snowboarding 365 days of the year. It is the up-to-date training center that offers two indoor ski slopes and unique training facilities. Alpine Indoor Ski and Snowboard Training Center is conveniently located in Mississauga, so skiers can easily and quickly reach the center from any part of the suburb.

The center offers skiing and snowboarding programs both to beginners and expert skiers. Here, beginners are provided with ideal surface conditions and safe environment. So, they don’t need to worry about injuries.

Are you a professional skier or snowboarder? If so, you can take advantage of pre-season training that is provided by the center. Such ski training provides many important benefits. It will help you improve your strength. Moreover you will manage to prepare for winter ski season.

Glen Eden

Glen Eden is the up-to-date skiing and snowboarding club that provides 6 lifts, 14 slops, 2 terrain parks and 1 snow tubing park. More than 700 people work in Glen Eden. The club is also known for its great Snow School. Its highly professional and certified teachers are always happy to help young skiers and snowboarders improve their skills. Glen Eden is the place where you can get effective group lessons and participate in ski riding competitions.

Glen Eden provides its guests with unforgettable skiing and snowboarding experience. This modern skiing and snowboarding center is located in a beautiful place. So, skiers and snowboarders are provided with fantastic picturesque views. Don’t miss a wonderful chance to enjoy great views of the city from the top of Niagara. Once you try skiing or snowboarding at Glen Eden you will certainly desire to return back to this wonderful place again and again.

Mount Chingaucousy

Mount Chingaucousy is located near Brampton, Mississauga. It is the place where parents can introduce their children to skiing or snowboarding. Private lessons, student programs and rentals are offered in a wide selection here as well. So, kids and youth can always take advantage of lessons and improve their skills in skiing and snowboarding. Mount Chingaucousy is also famous due to its fantastic tubing parties.

Beaver Valley Ski Club

This club is located in a beautiful Beaver Valley. Beaver Valley Ski Club is a real paradise for people who like recreational skiing. Here, you can enjoy skiing alone or have a good time with your family and friends. Beaver Valley Ski Club provides skiers with 3 terrain parks and a course. The club has united a great number of families which give a preference to active and healthy lifestyle in Mississauga.

Beaver Valley Ski Club offers a wide selection of skiing and snowboarding programs to young skiers and snowboarders. Here, youth can take advantage of such skiing and snowboarding training programs as Youth Ski and Opportunity for Youth 14 +. The club offers private lessons to young skiers as well.

Beaver Valley Ski Club regularly organizes various social events. Obviously, it is a good idea to enjoy celebrating Christmas Party or Spring Banquet in the club. Beaver Valley Ski Club also hosts summer gatherings. No matter, where you are beginner or advanced skiers – you will definitely enjoy visiting the club!

Centennial Park

Centennial Park also offers great skiing and snowboarding programs in Mississauga. Guests can also get private lessons in the park. There are programs available for children of different ages and youth.

It is necessary to say that each program offers two packages – No Rental and With Rental. Do you have your own skiing or snowboarding equipment? If so, it makes sense for you to select No Rental packages. Have you come to Centennial Park without equipment? Then you should definitely consider With Rental packages and rent equipment in the club. If you select With Rental package you will be provided with all the necessary equipment that is required for safe and comfortable skiing or snowboarding. So, you will be able to rent boots skiing, boots for snowboarding, helmet, skis and snowboard.

High Park Ski Club HPSC

HPSC is definitely one of the best skiing and snowboarding clubs in Mississauga. It is the place where youth can enjoy skiing and snowboarding. High Park Ski Club is managed by volunteers who are highly experienced skiers and snowboarders.

High Park Ski Club offers a wide selection of skiing trips. So, you can try both day and long skiing trips of different types. HPSC provides private lessons and training programs in skiing and snowboarding as well.

Are you interested in downhill skiing? Then it would be expedient for you to consider downhill skiing lessons and programs provided by High Park Ski Club. Would you like to improve your skills in snowboarding? Keep in mind that High Park Ski Club offers a vast variety of snowboarding regular lessons and training programs. HPSC also organizes interesting events for its guests as well.

Evolve Snow Camp

Is it hard for you to imagine your life without snowboarding? Would you like to take effective snowboarding lesions in Mississauga? It goes without saying that you must visit Evolve Snow Camp and take advantage of its fantastic training programs for skateboarders.

Evolve Snow Camp is known as the leading skateboard camp in Toronto and Canada. It attracts snowboarders from different parts of Toronto – The Beaches, York Region and other areas. Here, each young skateboarder can improve his/her skills.

Evolve Snow Camp is famous due to its highly professional and friendly staff. The camp’s team consists of young snowboarders. They are dedicated to their businesses and always do their job with a big pleasure. Are you a snowboarding beginner? Don’t worry! Camp’s teachers will help you learn fundamentals successfully. So, you will be able to master snowboarding skills easily and quickly.

No doubts that you will find it interesting to spend the full day in Evolve Snow Camp. The camp will provide you with numerous interesting activities, private lessons, pool time and various programs. Don’t miss a wonderful opportunity to take effective snowboarding lessons provided by highly professional trainers and enjoy fantastic atmosphere of the camp!

Evolve Skate Camp provides snowboarders with 5 parks. This means that snowboarders can diversify their training programs and test different surfaces. Each skate park has its own distinguishing features. Obviously, trying new surfaces helps snowboarders get valuable experience, learn new tricks and develop new skills. Evolve Skate Camp organizes interesting contests and competitions for its guests regularly. The sponsors of Evolve’s events provide winners with good prizes.

Evolve Skate Camp is undoubtedly the best place for youth to learn snowboarding skills. Here, young snowboarders can get a lot of fun, unique experience and unforgettable emotions almost every day. Evolve Skate Camp does its best to provide guests with comfortable conditions. So, they can make use of the modern bus transportation during a day of snowboarding. It will allow you to navigate through the GTA easily and quickly. No doubts that you will enjoy the camp’s up-to-date facilities and comfortable environment.

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