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By: Isha Parikh

On November 28th 2016, the annual volleyball match at David Leeder Middle School between the students and teachers was held. There were two rounds, with the game finally ending with a tie.

The first team was against the girl’s volleyball team and the teachers. It had been a difficult win for the teachers, as the girls started off very strong. They were very good at blocking spikes and the teachers had noticeably good overhand serves. Both sides had consistent ball control.

The scores went back and forth with the teachers finally taking the lead, winning the game 25-14.

The teachers made quite an impression by winning the first round, but the students didn’t let that stand, as they dominated their opponents in the second match.

The boy’s volleyball team played against the teachers in the second round. There was powerful offence from the boys and they also strong, powerful serves. Some humour was added when a teacher attempted to bump the ball with their head.

In the end, the boys managed to win, by the scores ending 25-19.

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